What would the world be like if some stories had been told differently? Some say that Eve represents the original sin, that Adam represents the weakness of humanity, that they dis–obeyed and were punished.

We wanted to reinterpret the Adam and Eve myth: in our garments Adam is the one who offers the apple to Eve and Eve offers her rib to Adam. Our “Eve and Adam” try to live happily, they respect each other, they make mistakes and they forgive each other, and they disobey to be free… Our Eve and Adam are friends, a couple, family, work mates or strangers on a train…


They deserve to live free of guilt and in equality,

they are naked

and perfect

just like all of us.


Marcela López has represented our ideas in her watercolors and we have turned them into special garments that tell stories… Stories that need, desperately, to be told differently.